Our Mission

  • Impart high quality education, in keeping with our cultural heritage and modern insights.
  • Mould the character and all round personality of the pupil in a manner that she/he becomes a committed citizen of the world by following the principles of "first always First".
  • Recognize and channelize the potential of the pupil in a purposeful direction.
  • Make learning joyful and meaningful using appropriate methods.
  • Develop pupil's fluency - both in English and Hindi; Develop in the pupil - Social skills and creativity
  • Cultivate in the pupil, the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, observing, logical thinking, independent learning and a scientific attitude.
  • Enable the pupil to apply and transfer the acquired knowledge to his everyday life.
  • To initialize in its students competence in contemporary technology, a firm belief in Indian traditions and culture and a sensitivity to human issues and environment.