Director Message

T.C. Maheshwari

Maheshwari International School is the brain child of a stalwart and a pioneer in  Educational engineering in and around Ajmer- none other than Late Shri R.0  Maheshwari who along-with the man of Social engineering of Kishangarh, Late Shri R.S. Inani conceptualized this institution in the year 2000. MIS has revolutionalised school education in Kishangarh as this has the district honour of being the first ever school that got affiliated to CBSE , New Delhi.

We at Mis are committed to serve the community and beyond large the students to provide quality education and more so an environment that would lead to produce fine Young citizens to take the society to newer heights.

The school has made substantial progress in the last decade and a half. Yet lot still need to be done. We pledge to do all that is needed to reach new horizons to take the fame of Kishangarh to give a brighter sunshine.

Destiny tested us when we began the school with merely 35-40 scholars in 1999. We faced several problems that knocked us down but we came back stronger every time. Our school has completed 1 7 years of excellence with many successes to its credit. The students are a chirpy bunch, the teachers have won fame for implementing their enthusiasm to innovate, the support staff has also supported for years to consistently reach this height And overall of them is the Principal of the school who carries a far away look in his eyes for the milestones conquered.

The session 2016 - 17 has drawn to a close. Another school Academic has set off-new classes, new books, new hopes and new promises to work harder, to do better than yester years. An era of leadership via academics has dawned on. Since experience is the greatest teacher, experiential learning is indispensable. This perspective discourages rote learning, instead it promotes deeper understanding by letting a child learn by doing. The Academic session 2017-18 has commenced on an optimistic note. The school has open doors to welcome innovations in teaching pedagogies & learning methodology. This is just the beginning because with this concept of experiential learning, the young shall apply their minds and discover their own answers in the root of board exams and other competitive exams as well. Hence, MIS'ians shall understand and retain concepts always & forever.

In this scenario the role of parents and teachers is becoming increasingly challenging. Therefore in the world that is falling apart at such a reckless pace, the primary duty of an educational institution is to produce individuals, who can blend harmoniously, in traditions and trends to design a radiant future for ourselves. MIS is in relentless pursuit of this goal. We thank you all for this solidarity.

 We are proud to say that with the grace of almighty we have always achieved very good results and brought home rich laurels in various activities such as Martial Arts, Judo & Karate, Cricket and Olympiads, thus making a mark for ourselves in whatever we MIS'ians have undertaken to do. believe that to lead in Anticipating and striving that each MIS'ian shines in the examination and the years ahead. We reach the pinnacle of success in academics is to lead in life because learning and leadership are inseparable.